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thearcadehunters:Now that’s a row of games! #acam #funspot...

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Now that’s a row of games! #acam #funspot #arcade

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Hide Google's begging (or any other web content) via a Firefox userContent trick

Akkana Peck - Fri, 2015-03-27 14:17

Lately, Google is wasting space at the top of every search with a begging plea to be my default search engine.

 Switch your default search engine to Google] Google already is my default search engine -- that's how I got to that page. But if you don't have persistent Google cookies set, you have to see this begging every time you do a search. (Why they think pestering users is the way to get people to switch to them is beyond me.)

Fortunately, in Firefox you can hide the begging with a userContent trick. Find the chrome directory inside your Firefox profile, and edit userContent.css in that directory. (Create a new file with that name if you don't already have one.) Then add this: #taw { display: none !important; }

Restart Firefox, do a Google search and the begs should be gone.

In case you have any similar pages where there's pointless content getting in the way and you want to hide it: what I did was to right-click inside the begging box and choose Inspect element. That brings up Firefox's DOM inspector. Mouse over various lines in the inspector and watch what gets highlighted in the browser window. Find the element that highlights everything you want to remove -- in this case, it's a div with id="taw". Then you can write CSS to address that: hide it, change its style or whatever you're trying to do.

You can even use Inspect element to remove elements immediately. That won't help you prevent them from showing up later, but it can be wonderful if you need to use a page that has an annoying blinking ad on it, or a mis-designed page that has images covering the content you're trying to read.

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okazu-shokudo:梅・じゃこ・昆布の混ぜごはんでおむすび。わかめうどん(小)付きです。 Rice ball love...

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Rice ball love <3

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fleshcoatedtechnology:godardfanforever: Does Immortal deserve...

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Does Immortal deserve larger cult status? A look back at the Sci-fi mindbender…

Immortal (ad vitam) (2004)  dir: Enki Bilal

Ad vitam - adverb, Latin.1.for life.

A few years back I was committed to seeing each of the early films shot on “digital backlots” (one of the 4 early “digital backlot” shot experiments which includes: Casshern, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Sin City). 

Of those films, one remained indelibly etched in my mind (I still have yet to watch Casshern). With its science-fiction foundation and edgy topics and themes of: alien invasion, eugenics/cloning and self-identity, gender issues, Egyptology, and new world order/totalitarian/oppressive regimes and world governments, I was hooked. 

Alongside a winning and mesmerizing performance by Jill Hardy (I will forever have a cinematic crush on this actress due to this film), the film strangely but effectively combines raw and fantastical CGI, live-action, and digital backlot. Based upon the graphic novel works of the director, the grand vision and reinterpretation of his own works in a new medium have brought those works to life for evermore and have provided a film unlike any this viewer has ever witnessed.

The film could understandably be critiqued for its Eurocentric appropriation of Egyptology and from a feminist perspective regarding some of the sexuality which veers into sexual assault.

A film deserved of larger cult status as most critics were unkind to this challenging, imperfect, but wholly compelling cinematic journey much appreciated by this viewer. The effort and vision outweigh the film’s faults.


Must watch.

The movie was… disappointing. The graphic novels, on the other hand…

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prostheticknowledge:Perfume Live 「STORY(SXSW-MIX)」Extract of...

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Perfume Live 「STORY(SXSW-MIX)」

Extract of SXSW performance from premium Japanese Pop trio Perfume incorporating their trademark tech art style:


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Charity Rides

Renata - Thu, 2015-03-26 15:13

I’m into bikes, long rides and I also like helping people. So I entered two charity rides this year – seems like a neat way to mix things I like.

The first one is the Becel Ride for Heart – I’m doing the 50km – that must be easy for me.

Then, later in June, I’m doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Now that’s a challenge – two days on a saddle to Niagara Falls. I always wanted to Ride to Niagara Falls but lacked the support. This seems just perfect. I’m excited!

If you can, please support these causes!

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noszi:Waitin for ya.

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Waitin for ya.

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cruisingwithgunhead:Local bookstore a while back.

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Local bookstore a while back.

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