Haecksen organisers mailing list

Oceania Women of Open Tech - Mon, 2014-05-26 03:54

With OWOOT closing, the OWOOT list will no longer be available to volunteers organising the Haecksen miniconference at linux.conf.au.

If you're interested in helping out with Haecksen in future years, please join the new Haecksen organisers mailing list hosted by Linux Australia.

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OWOOT to close

Oceania Women of Open Tech - Mon, 2014-05-26 00:29

Unfortunately, the OWOOT list members have agreed that there is not enough interest amongst our members to continue OWOOT as an organisation. Over the next few days, this website will close.

The Haecksen miniconf will continue to run at linux.conf.au for as long as there is interest, we've requested a separate organisers be established for this.

Those interested in receiving news of open source technical events in Australia should join the Linux Australia announcement list. Those interested in in-person meetups of technical women can consider Girl Geek Sydney, Girl Geek Dinners Melbourne, Girl Geek Dinners Brisbane, Wellington Girl Geek Dinners, or Auckland Girl Geek Dinners; or look for a Girl Geek Coffees group.

OWOOT grew out of LinuxChix Sydney and Melbourne chapters founded by Julie Gibson and Alex Bayley respectively. After the founding of the LinuxChix (now Haecksen) miniconf at linux.conf.au 2007, AussieChix and New Zealand LinuxChix were founded, and both merged into OWOOT in 2011. Thank you to the many key volunteers for these groups over the years.

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