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How to Fix a Mangled Partition Table on Linux

Sat, 2014-07-26 01:15
A good tool for repairing partition tables and recovering files is TestDisk. TestDisk operates on both the legacy MBR and the newfangled GPT (see Using the New GUID Partition Table in Linux (Goodbye Ancient MBR)) . TestDisk is in most Linux repos, and on SystemRescueCD.
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6 Excellent Lightweight Linux Distros for x86 and ARM

Sat, 2014-07-19 02:15
Presenting a nice assortment of lightweight yet fully-functional Linux distros for all occasions. All of these are full distros that do not depend on cloud services; four for x86 and two, count 'em, two for ARM hardware.
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25 Best Open Source Android Apps for Small Business

Thu, 2014-07-17 09:15
Google's Android is a great little operating system for mobile and low-powered devices, but even though it has open source roots, most Android apps are not open source.
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