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Get your Game On @ the LinuxChix LA Booth @ SCaLE 13x!!!!

Fri, 2015-02-06 03:35


Yes the Southern California Linux Expo is almost here!

February 19-22, 2015 @ the LAX Hilton!!!!

Steam_tux--Jill'sRED02!_Big & Brighter--Transparent_Background

Get Your Game On @ the LinuxChix LA Booth #32!

In Celebration of Gaming on Linux and SCaLE: The Next Generation we will be demonstrating Gaming On Linux for Kids and Kids at <3

For a small donation we will have a raffle for a Linux LED Keyboard, an LED Gaming Mouse and Linux Gaming Mouse pad :-)

And come by and take a spin of our Wheel O’ Swag, if you dare ;-)

And in LinuxChix LA tradition we will have a Tux filled goody for the kids!

Come by and visit us and if you would

like to help, contact us by signing up to our

mailing list on this page!

LinuxChix LA getting their Game On @ SCALE 12x!

LinuxChix LA @ SCaLE 12x!!!!!!


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SCaLE 13x is coming!!!!!

Wed, 2015-01-28 06:19


Here are some more fun pics of LinuxChix LA from SCaLE 12x

to get you excited about attending SCaLE 13x!!!

PRE_2014-02-22-103940 PRE_2014-02-22-104152 PRE_2014-02-22-105024 PRE_2014-02-22-105037 PRE_2014-02-22-105122 PRE_2014-02-22-105210 PRE_2014-02-22-110309 PRE_2014-02-22-110319 PRE_2014-02-22-110327 PRE_2014-02-22-110605 PRE_2014-02-22-112117 PRE_2014-02-22-112127 PRE_2014-02-22-112130 PRE_2014-02-22-112137 PRE_2014-02-22-112850 PRE_2014-02-22-112856 PRE_2014-02-22-112906 PRE_2014-02-22-113357 PRE_2014-02-22-153626 PRE_2014-02-22-153851

SCaLE 12x LinuxChix LA Booth Setup!

IMG_0004 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0010 IMG_0011

And . . . a not so high quality video of our LinuxChix LA Booth Setup @ SCaLE 12x ;-)

(Taken with my preview Firefox OS ZTE Open Phone!)

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