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SCaLE 13x is coming!!!!!

Wed, 2015-01-28 06:19


Here are some more fun pics of LinuxChix LA from SCaLE 12x

to get you excited about attending SCaLE 13x!!!

PRE_2014-02-22-103940 PRE_2014-02-22-104152 PRE_2014-02-22-105024 PRE_2014-02-22-105037 PRE_2014-02-22-105122 PRE_2014-02-22-105210 PRE_2014-02-22-110309 PRE_2014-02-22-110319 PRE_2014-02-22-110327 PRE_2014-02-22-110605 PRE_2014-02-22-112117 PRE_2014-02-22-112127 PRE_2014-02-22-112130 PRE_2014-02-22-112137 PRE_2014-02-22-112850 PRE_2014-02-22-112856 PRE_2014-02-22-112906 PRE_2014-02-22-113357 PRE_2014-02-22-153626 PRE_2014-02-22-153851

SCaLE 12x LinuxChix LA Booth Setup!

IMG_0004 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0010 IMG_0011

And . . . a not so high quality video of our LinuxChix LA Booth Setup @ SCaLE 12x ;-)

(Taken with my preview Firefox OS ZTE Open Phone!)

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