Regional Chapters

LinuxChix has regional LinuxChix chapters in several places around the world. In addition, the Chicas Linux chapter supports Spanish-speaking women around the world.

The chapters have been formed to give women who use or are interested in learning about Linux or supporting each other in Free Software communities a way to meet other women with similar interests. LinuxChix chapters range from informal groups meeting over coffee to nationwide groups that hold their own conferences.

Please note that each individual chapter decides if men are welcome to be members or to attend its events. If you are an interested man, please check with the chapter whether you can join.

If there's no LinuxChix chapter in your area, and you would like to start one, just try our suggestions. To have a page for your chapter added or to make a change to your chapter's page, please contact us.

Founding a local Linuxchix chapter

Linuxchix is a looseknit organization, and its local chapters which, like the "mother" organization, are completely unofficial tend to be looseknit, casual groups, too.

Most chapters are for regional groups so that they can meet or organise local chix events. However, you could also found a special interest chapter, or a language based chapter (such as a global, French language, chapter).

Local Linuxchix chapters are completely autonomous provided that your chapter observes the central aim of LinuxChix: "supporting women in Linux", and your chapter observes the "be polite, be helpful" rules. You can do anything you like beyond that.

Tips on starting a chapter

Following are some suggestions on how to found a local Linuxchix chapter. We think they'll help you find members and function well.

  1. Decide on your geographical size. LinuxChix chapters tend to be more successful if they have a wide net of potential members. Successful city-wide chapters tend to be in very large cities like Los Angeles, other successful chapters are region, province or nationwide. We suggest thinking about larger, rather than smaller, chapters. You can always have local meetings in your city within your chapter.
  2. Set up a mailing list and website.
  3. Once you have a few founding members, talk about whether you want your Linuxchix chapter to include males. Once you've made that decision, make your policy clear in any announcements that you make about your group.

Also discuss what you'd like your chapter to do:

Useful articles include:
The Linux User Group HOWTO, including the Founding a LUG and Maintaining and Growing a LUG sections; and The Recipe for a Successful Linux User Group by Rick Moen.

Foundations for a Successful Chapter

Run it as a benevolent dictatorship for a few months. Don't attempt to reach consensus on things like meeting times and locations. Ask for input, consider pressing needs (meeting locations near public transport, maybe you need to cater for people without cars or with cars, or with kids or with disabilities). And then make a decision. And announce it. And unless there's widespread dissent, which if you do a bit of asking, there shouldn't be, stick with it.

A particularly important decision is meeting times. Make it regular and have a schedule, so that people can plan around it. People can also organise social events at other times! Remind them of this, but if the aim is to get a group of regulars, you need to let them plan.

One or two people will be unable to make your meeting time. Invite them to organise alternative meetings, or organise social events or something. Most likely they will not, but if they do - great! If you have a set meeting time, people will be able to plan around it in a year's time, if you move it every month to cater for someone else, then noone can plan it into next year's schedule.

Have two or three meetings. Check that a core group is beginning to form - people who turn up to every meeting. This is a good sign. If you don't have this, you need to get it. Advertise more.

Letting us know

You must let us know that you are starting a LinuxChix chapter, in order to use the LinuxChix name. Do the following:

  1. [Optional] If you would like to use a subdomain, please contact us and ask for one. You will need to provide an IP address where you are hosting, or nameservers.
  2. Subscribe to the chapters mailing list so that you can receive any announcements relating to LinuxChix policy, and share useful info with other chapter heads. This mailing list is English language, and very low volume.
  3. Please contact us and let us know you are starting a chapter. You must give a public contact email address at the very least, if you have a webpage and/or mailing list give details of those too.
  4. When you are ready to go, write to and announce the formation of your chapter, together with your webpage, mailing list and first meeting, if you have any of these.

You are welcome to advertise all chapter meetings and events on as well as your own mailing lists and webpages.

Tips for leading a chapter

  • Accept that 80% if not more of all people involved don't want commitment beyond a mailing list and attending the meetings. This is the way of all groups. The attendees probably value other activities more. That's OK. You will do work on their behalf. If you don't want this, you probably don't have enough enthusiasm to run a chapter. That's fine, you have other stuff to do too.
  • Identify the 20% of people who can potentially help you run the chapter. Being able to say "This month, I'm not attending our meeting, I'm letting two other chapter members run it." is a good thing. The ultimate aim is to ensure that there is a core group of about five people, each of whom could ensure the chapter's survival. If after six months, it's just you, again, you have a problem.
  • Watch out for burn out. Don't burn out; delegate. Otherwise one day you'll just lose it and shut down all the mailing lists and swear off Linux forever.
  • At some stage, let someone else become the chapter head or co-chapter head. This is a really good sign that you've established a long lasting group.

Tips on getting the word out

  • Have a webpage. A webpage is a commitment free way to research a LUG (or anything). Potential members don't need to join a mailing list, or email anyone if they can read a webpage. Noone knows they looked at the webpage. There's a lower barrier to getting information.
  • Keep the webpage up-to-date.
  • It is possible to get subdomains (such as These give a short, easy to remember domain, and are easy to redelegate if leadership of the chapter changes. Contact us for more information.
  • When listing meeting dates, include the year of the meeting. It is frustrating to go to a site and not know if the meeting listed for July 15th is coming up in a few days, or was July 15th 2000. Keeping a "last updated on " tag at the bottom of your pages can assist with this as well.
  • Actively advertise outside LinuxChix. The lists are high volume and some local LinuxChix may not be on them for that reason.
  • In particular, advertise to your local LUG. You may catch some flames for having a female group, or a group aimed at females but you have the chance of reaching interested women. You may also want to refer them to the Linuxchix Issues FAQ.
  • When starting up, or running events of particular interest such as conferences or installfests, issue press releases to your local tech media outlets.
  • If there are nation-wide linux lists in your country advertise there too. (Mention that people from other areas might like to start their own chapter - ask them to subscribe to the chapters list if they want to do that.) Advertise at local universities and schools (some universities have a women in computing or other similar groups).
  • There are also some activist groups (anti-capitalism groups are often anti-Microsoft) who are using Linux, and have large numbers of women involved. These people will not be in LUGs. Neither will many professionals, particularly with a bit of experience. If you can reach them through professional mailing lists or contacts, that is awesome.
  • Register yourself with lists of LUGs:
  • Optionally, register yourself with Linux-friendly vendors:


LinuxChix Africa seems to be gone. Their Website doesn't resolve, and we haven't been able to contact any of the members. Please contact if you have any information, or visit for information on starting a Linuxchix chapter.

LinuxChix Africa

Contact: Anna Badimo or Dorcas Muthoni


LinuxChix AfricaLinuxchix Africa was formed in 2004 by African women and for African women. It is a chapter in Africa affiliated to Linuxchix worldwide. The aim of the African chapter is to help toward building the critical mass of Linux skills among African women, and to advocate for the use of Free and Open Source Software for the many community development challenges being faced by Africans, especially African women.

Africa LinuxChix welcomes women from any part of Africa to join us and give us ideas on how we can make that difference. Interested women might like to join the mailing list so as we can start discussing the way forward.

Le LinuxChix d'Afrique est un nouveau chapitre étant formé par les femmes Africaines pour les femmes Africaines. Le dessein de ce chapitre sera obligé à aider vers la construction de la masse critique de compétences de Linux parmi les femmes Africaines, et recommander pour l'usage de Logiciel de Source Libre et Ouvert pour les beaucoup de défis de développement de communauté étant fait face à par les Africains, les femmes surtout Africaines. Et aussi souligner l'importance de sexe comme un problème qui a besoin d'étre adressé dans le champ qui est principalement mâle dominé.

LinuxChix d'Afrique accueille des femmes de n'importe quelle partie d'Afrique pour nous joindre et nous donne les idées sur comment nous pouvons faire cette diff´rence. Les femmes intéressées pourraient aimer joindre l'envoie la liste si comme nous pouvons commencer discuter l'avant de façon.



LC India Chapter website :
Planet :
Mailing list :
IRC : #indichix on the server

A Note : With reference to the earlier discussions on not getting a response from the domain owner, the IndiChix community has moved to the official domain : since February 2009.


KLUWEK: Indonesian LinuxChix Chapter
Visit us here


Coordinator: Magie Antonio

Australasia and Oceania

There is currently no active chapter in this region.

Chicas Linux

Chicas Linux es una comunidad creada por mujeres que tiene como objetivos brindar un espacio de reunión para personas que tienen a Linux y el software libre como un interes común. Pero el objetivo más importante de esta comunidad es el incentivar a las mujeres a la participación e iniciación en el mundo del software libre mostrándoles que sí es posible participar activamente, apoyando de esta forma la causa iniciada por LinuxChix.


Chicas Linux is a community created by women with the goal of offering a meeting space for people with a common interest in Linux and free software. But this community's most important objective is to stimulate women to participate and take initiative in the world of free software, showing that it is indeed possible to participate actively, thus supporting the cause initiated by LinuxChix.



LinuxChix France

LinuxChix est une communauté internationale basée sur le volontariat, proposant des listes de diffusion et des ressources variées ayant trait à Linux ou à d'autres logiciels libres. L'organisation a pour but de promouvoir l'accueil et l'intégration des femmes dans la communauté du libre, quelle que soit leur expérience ou leur connaissance de l'informatique. Les ressources proposées par LinuxChix France sont accessibles à tous. Les hommes peuvent aussi s'inscrire aux listes de diffusion et sur le site web s'ils partagent les intérêts de LinuxChix France.

Notre site web :
Contact : zopeuse at

Linuxchix is an international, volunteer-based community which provides mailing lists and resources related to Linux and other non-proprietary software. It is intended to provide a welcoming environment for women, no matter what their experience or skill with computers.The LinuxChix France mailing lists and resources are open to everyone. Men can subscribe to our mailing lists if they are sympathetic to the concerns of LinuxChix France.

Our website :
Contact : zopeuse at


LinuxChix Italy


The Italian LinuxChix Chapter is a fresh project inspired by the activity of a local LUG that is now trying to grow up and get its own personality.

We are a group of people who basically want to encourage girls to know, appreciate and use free software, and also be helpful in learning and improving computer skills.


We need to meet, talk and choose our modus operandi. We hope there will be a large number of women interested in this project and we want be open to the contribution of everyone.

We have now four main ways to communicate:


Lili is a Linux user and a GULP member since 2003. You can mail her at liliweb at yahoo dot it.

There are also some more volunteers and we hope we'll soon be able to mention them all.

If you want to join this community you're very welcome. You can bring your knowledge, experience and support or you can simply let us know that you are there :) Send Lili a mail or, better, subscribe to the mailing list, and you'll get news and information from the project.


Contact: Kristina Jareckaite (Kristina's web site)
E-mail: or

Currently, we're planning several events and there've been ideas about new projects as well, so in near time we might get a little more active ;] The chapter homesite is just about to be available by the address above. If you have any questions, remarks, or suggestions, feel free to mail us, and of course anybody from Lithuania who feels like joining the chapter is highly welcome.

London, England

Contact: Sarah Lemari
Mailing List:

We may be a quiet bunch, but we're around on our mailing list, and anyone interested in organising more regular meetings is encouraged to either contact Sarah or mention ideas on our mailing list.

Even if you don't live near London, you may want to subscribe to the mailing list as we may well try and organise something somewhere if other British chapters don't emerge. In the meantime, meetings are usually in Central London, zone 1 somewhere. See you there!


IRC: #linuxchix@IRCNet
Contact: Anna Warzecha (

We invite everyone interested in Linux to join us and make the community grow.

North America



Contact: Terri Oda (terri AT
Homepage: n/a

The Ottawa chapter of Linuxchix is currently not meeting. If anyone is interested in joining or organizing a gathering, contact Terri Oda (terri AT for details on joining the mailing list.

Ottawa LinuxChix may also be interested in the local user group, OCLUG.


Contact: Stacey Worrall

We are a group of females that like to get together for coffee or drinks and talk. We have a variety of interests and experience within Linux. We are currently meeting every second month. We have a web page started at It's not finished but we have newsletters and working at getting some tutorials posted. We welcome anyone that would like to come out or if anyone has any questions.

Sherbrooke, Québec

Contact: Simon Valiquette
Temporary Homepage:

LinuxChix Sherbrooke is a forming French-Speaking chapter, which is also considered as a special interest group inside of the GULUS.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Web site: [seems to be abandoned to spammers]

United States

Colorado Springs, Colorado

(Organizing as of November 2006.)

Annie is interested in getting together a group in the Colorado Springs area. If you're interested please contact her.

Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas

Contact: Desiree Jenkins


Mailing list:

This chapter is currently under construction, but come join us on the mailing list.

Denver, Colorado

Contact: Adaora Onyia

(Organizing as of February 2007.)

Adaora would like to re-activate the Denver chapter. If you're interested, please e-mail her.

Los Angeles, California

Contact: sharon(remove)

The Los Angeles Area LinuxChix chapter was formed in 2002. We welcome women from Los Angeles and environs. We may meet in Pasadena, downtown LA, or Santa Monica, depending on the whims of our members. Check our web-page, or email us to find out when we are meeting next.

Madison, Wisconsin

Web site:

Contact: Jade "Katneko" Valentine

Mission Statement: Madison's LC chapter believes in making freely available the knowledge and resources needed to expand our minds and the minds of others. Our mission is to educate ourselves in interesting technology, while introducing the less fortunate and digitally-deprived to free and available technology solutions to suit their situation. Please check our website for more information, scheduled LC meetings (which will include interesting tech talks), and current community outreach projects involving technology.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Contact: Elizabeth Bevilacqua

Silicon Valley, California

Contact: Akkana Peck
Homepage: The anti-chapter has an anti-website.
Mailing List: Anti-chapter

The Silicon Valley LinuxChix Anti-Chapter meets when it feels like it, although we always post an announcement a week or so ahead of time on the Anti-chapter mailing list, and sometimes also to the LinuxChix announce list.

We're the anti-chapter because none of our members will admit to having the time to be a chapter head, or to organize monthly meetings.

Past meetings have been parties at members' houses, or dinner all together at a restaurant (usually vegetarian). Someday we'd like to go visit museums together or play the TCP/IP Drinking Game at a bar.

If you're a LinuxChick visiting the area, we usually have a party or go out to dinner so we can all meet you and say hi. Email one of the anti-chapter's contacts, or the anti-chapter mailing list, and we'll arrange it for you.

Washington, District of Columbia

Contact: Katie
Mailing list: DC Linuxchix List

The Washington DC LinuxChix chapter is here for any Linux enthusiast in the greater DC area. Please contact me at the address shown above if you're interested, and we'll figure out a meeting place that will be as convenient as possible regarding location and number of people. Having regular meetings once per month would be great, but of course all of this will depend on all of us. Veteran geeks, aspiring newbies, and all in between are welcome to get involved, so please get in touch.

South America


Contact: Sulamita Garcia
The Brazilian chapter consists of a small but very technically skilled group, who want encourage girls to use Linux and other free softwares. The group also wants to give courses to the community, take part in events, give some presentations and provide mailing list support to the newchix. :)

The mailing list for LinuxChix Brasil is now up and running. If you want to join us, please subscribe yourself to the list.

The web site now is

O LinuxChix Brasil consiste em um pequeno grupo, mas com grandes conhecimentos técnicos, com o objetivo de encorajar garotas a usar Linux e outros softwares livres. O trabalho consite em dar cursos a comunidades, participar de eventos, dar palestras e suporte via lista de discussão para as novas usuárias. :)

A lista do LinuxChix Brasil está em pleno funcionamento. Se você quer se juntara nós, por favor, inscreva-se.

O web site está em