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Our lists

Cross-posting (posting to multiple lists)

We prefer that messages are only posted to a single mailing list. Please see the list above to figure out which list is appropriate for your message and send to that one list only.

There are only a few situations when cross-posting is appropriate, and these cases are largely limited to list admins and the coordinators who may need to move discussions or make other important announcements that affect multiple lists.

Digest Versions

If you want digest versions of the lists, indicate this when you subscribe, or modify your subscription configuration later.


A quick note for people who are using "you cannot send me mail unless you are whitelisted" spam filters: if you subscribe to the linuxchix lists, you must whitelist the lists yourself. Sorry, but the admins are busy people and challenge-response email can take a long time to make work on our end. The admins will not reply to any "please jump through these hoops to be whitelisted" mails. Such messages will be treated as bounces, and if we get enough of them, we will unsubscribe you, like any other bouncing address.


Linuxchix has been on three hosts. Thanks to Terri Oda, the archives have been merged, so all posts starting from September 1999 are available. Go to each mailing lists' web page (linked to above) to view the archives. Some lists are not archived, and some lists' archives are only available to members. Archiving on other sites is not permitted.

List policy: Please whitelist linuxchix mail

A quick note for people who are using "you cannot send me mail unless you are whitelisted" spam filters: if you subscribe to the linuxchix lists, you must whitelist the lists yourself. The admins will not reply to any "please jump through these hoops to be whitelisted" mails. Such messages will be treated as bounces, and if we get enough of them, we will unsubscribe you, like any other bouncing address.

RBL filtering for LinuxChix mail

The LinuxChix hosts have subscribed to the Realtime Blackhole List. If your mail to addresses is being bounced, ask another member to forward us a mail explaining you have a problem, or investigate why you are on the RBL and how to be removed from it.

announce list guidelines

The announce list is a moderated list for announcements only.

All subscribers to any other LinuxChix list should consider subscribing to announce. It is very low traffic and only announcements relevant to the community will be posted to announce.

Sending announcements

Please email announce in preference to cross-posting to the other lists. If your announcement is likely to spark discussion, please mark in your announcement which list you want followups sent to as discussion will not be allowed on announce.

If you're posting for an event (eg: chapter meeting, rally of some sort, lecture being offered, etc.) you should keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1. Please post at least two days before an event if possible.. This is to make sure that the post is seen and approved by a moderator in plenty of time
  2. Please put the date as well as the location and event name in the subject of your posting.

    You need enough location information so that people know if it's in their area or not. Remember, since LinuxChix come from around the world, you probably need to include the country. The date will also help the moderators because it's clear then if the post needs to be authorized quickly.

grrls-only list guidelines

Grrls-only is a women-only list for general purpose discussion related to Linux. Grrls-only is a good place to find female mentors and role models in the Linux field, ask technical questions you're afraid to ask anywhere else, and generally provide that "I'm not the only one!" feeling. If you are female, interested in Linux, and looking for a peer group, grrls-only might be the answer.

On-topic subjects are anything to do with women and / or Linux. Also on-topic are discussions that you would not want to have on a list with men subscribed. However, keep in mind that this is a Linux list and most discussion should be related to Linux in some way.

This list used to be used to teach Linux kernel development, but we've now started two separate lists (open to all and publicly archived), Programming, and Techtalk. The kernel hacking lessons are available in web form here . Kernel-related questions are still on-topic, of course.

The goal of this list is to provide a friendly environment to encourage women interested in Linux. Part of that friendly environment is a no-tolerance policy for flames (personal attacks) and trolls (posts intended to create controversy for its own sake). Flames are inappropriate whether they are sent to the entire list or to individual list members. If you are being flamed off-list, the list administrators would appreciate having the message forwarded to them. List members who break the no-flames, no-trolls policy will be unsubscribed. You should also read the LinuxChix Policy FAQ before posting to this list.

Discussion may get heated or just busy on occasion and the volume of mail sent may spike. If you find it overwhelming, you might want to wait a week and try again when things have calmed down (you can temporarily disable your subscription), or try one of our other mailing lists.

You must be female to join this list. If the answer to "What gender are you?" is more complicated than "Male" or "Female," it's up to you to decide if this list is appropriate for you or not. Remember, the point of this list to provide a female-friendly and female-only environment where women can discuss experiences common to being a woman within modern-day society.

Please take note: after using the form below to subscribe, your subscription will not be processed unless you also send an email from the address you are subscribing to grrls-only-owner@linuxchix.orgaffirming:

  1. That you are female, and
  2. That you are interested in Linux

There are no archives for the grrls-only list and we ask that no one retain public archives of this list.

No quoting of grrls-only emails offlist is allowed and neither is forwarding them, unless you got permission from the author of the post.

grrltalk information and guidelines

grrltalk is a general discussion list. This is where people can introduce themselves, talk about their cats, ruminate about their favourite sci-fi/fantasy authors, or even talk about computer stuff. For this list, being "off-topic" is pretty difficult. A lot of people enjoy chatty and social lists, and this is what this list is for.

"Grrl" is for "girl with a growl". Despite the "grrl" in the name, grrltalk is open to people of all genders.

jobposts list guidelines

The jobposts list is where job advertisements are sent. This allows people looking for Linux and computer specialists to advertises jobs to the LinuxChix community without sending advertisements to our main lists. The only mails accepted for this list are job advertisements and announcements about changes to the list itself: no discussion is allowed.

Guidelines for jobposts readers

If you're a jobposts subscriber you should keep in mind the following:

Guidelines for jobposts advertisers

Please note that we do not accept "job wanted" postings, we only accept advertisements for jobs, not for people who want jobs.

Who may post ads

Advertisements may be posted by any one of:

Contents of ad

Please make sure your mail follows these guidelines. Advertisements not following them may be rejected.

How to post an ad

Simply email your advertisement to

Please write your email directly for the readers, as we pass it directly to them. There is no need to include any "hi, can you please approve this" or "I would like to post this ad" text, as it is difficult for us to remove it before sending the ad on.

You will receive a message saying that your mail is held for moderation. This is normal. When your message is approved it will appear in the archives.

Contacting the jobposts moderators

If you have any questions about jobposts, please email the moderators at

newchix information and guidelines

NewChix is a LinuxChix email list. The newchix mailing list is for newer Linux and Unix users, especially women, who are seeking a friendly environment in which to find help on a basic level. This list is also for people who, for whatever reason, feel that their Linux question is too basic for techtalk. Experienced users who want to share their newbie experiences to help newbies get through them are also welcome.

Although basic questions are more than welcome on the techtalk list, sometimes readers with "newbie" questions are concerned about disturbing busy techtalk readers with a simple question when they are in the middle of an advanced discussion. This is only part of the use for newchix. The newchix list is also a place for newer (and experienced) Linux users to share their trials, tribulations, successes, and achievements with a sympathetic audience.

Maybe you have successfully completed an installation or your first compile or just discovered a new program that makes your life better. Share your excitement with us. Maybe you are facing a new challenge with your Linux system and you are nervous. Tell other newchix about it. You are also welcome to write the list just to talk through a small problem. Sometimes it helps.

Newchix is not a replacement for techtalk or any of the other lists. Newchix is not for people experienced at Linux. It's not for people who are competent in Linux, but happen to be new at a particular language, or distro, or anything like that.

There is a reason for this. Experienced people tend to use jargon and terminology that intimidate newer people. This happens even if the experienced people are doing something new to them. Newchix is a place where newer people can go to avoid intimidating jargon. We want to keep it that way. Techtalk is the appropriate Linuxchix list for experienced users who are using something new-to-them.

The lack of experienced people could be a problem, but only if we let it be. We still have the techtalk mailing list available when the newchix can't answer a question. Also a number of the more experienced chix have signed up to help. Newchix is a friendly community of beginning users and more experienced users who remember what it was like to be a beginner.

If you post a question to newchix and do not get a satisfactory answer, PLEASE post your question to techtalk. The techtalk list is a friendly place where even basic questions are welcome. If you're worried that your question is 'too basic' for techtalk, a good rule of thumb is 'if the newchix couldn't answer it, it's not basic after all'. All newchix readers are encouraged to subscribe to techtalk. It is a good way to learn more. It is also a good place to ask the slightly more advanced questions.

We expect that most of our readers will eventually feel so comfortable with Linux and the techtalk list that they stop feeling as much a need for the newchix list. But don't worry, newchix will still be there for you and for other beginners.

When a thread gets into an advanced topic, it should be moved to techtalk. Although the advanced discussion might be interesting to a lot of the newchix readers, it also might overwhelm other newchix, defeating the purpose of the list.

Guidelines for posting

Please help us to help you. When asking a question about problems you are having with your computer, it is very important to include as much relevant information as possible. At a very minimum, you need to tell us which distribution of Linux you are running (don't forget the version!) and whether it's on a normal PC, an Apple, a laptop, or even something else.

If you are having problems with sound, graphics or other hardware, mention the type of card that is in your machine.

The last thing to add is the verson of XFree86 you have and the name of the graphical environment or window manager that you are using and its version. This might be Gnome 1.4, KDE 2.2.2, IceWM, Enlightenment, or one of the many others available. To ask for help on a specific programme, include that programme's version too.

If you're not sure where to find all this version info, thats no problem either! Just post to the newchix list with your question and explaining that you don't know how to find out which version of what you are running. Include your distribution name here, as the method of finding out varies in the different distributions.

If no one has answered your question, perhaps no one on the newchix list knows the answer! After posting your query, wait a few days so that everyone has a chance to read it. If you don't get a response after a few days then post your query to the techtalk mailing list. Also make sure that you haven't broken any of the rules. Most people will instantly ignore a message in HTML or one that contains excessive amounts of quoted material.

How do I get my list password?

Log in and go to the lists page. Find LISTNAME and click on it and then select "Mail Password". Go to the bottom of the page and press Submit.

Alternatively, you can email with "password" in the Subject line, and your password will be emailed to you.

How do I subscribe?

Make sure you have registered on this website and logged in.

Then go to the lists page and find the lists you wish to subscribe to. Click on LISTNAME and then choose one of "Subscribe for digest (receive emails in a bundle)" or "Subscribe for all Mail (normal delivery)". You may optionally choose a password too.

Once you have subscribed to LISTNAME and any other lists you wish to be on, go to the bottom of the page and press "Submit".

If you have trouble subscribing, email the list moderators at and ask for help.

How do I unsubscribe?

Log into the website and go to the lists page. Click on the LISTNAME heading and select "unsubscribe". Go to the bottom of the page and pres "Submit".

If this doesn't work, you can try sending an email to with "unsubscribe" in the Subject line or send an email to the moderation team at

Reply-To policy

When you are on a LinuxChix list, and press 'Reply' to a message, you will find that the reply goes to the original poster, not to the entire list. To reply to the entire list, please use the 'Reply to All', 'Group Reply' or 'Reply to List' function of your email client.

Why doesn't the reply-to point to the list?

Jenn Vesperman considered doing so. However, Mail clients have been producing a 'reply-to-list' option. This is, in Jenn's opinion, the best technical solution.

There are two articles on the topic of altering a mailing list's 'Reply-To' header so that using the 'reply' option in the mail client makes mail go just to the list. Jenn recommends that you read both of them. They are Reply-To Munging Considered Harmful and Reply-To Munging Considered Useful. She also had a couple of considerations that aren't explicitly stated in either article.

If we don't change the reply-to, we respect the choice of people who have explicitly set it in their mail client. If we have a technical way of telling who has and who hasn't set it in their client, and only change the ones that haven't set it, then using 'reply' would be a mix of 'to the sender' and 'to the mailing list', and that would be confusing.

In addition, many Free Software groups do not set replies to go to the list. Our members might find it good to be used to having to consciously include the group in replies.

Some mailing list software (including Mailman) now includes an option to avoid mailing a recipient if the recipient is also cc'd in a message. This minimises duplicate messages, and is a technical solution for one of the biggest issues.

With the institution of DMARC by some major mail providers, LinuxChix has had to change some settings in Mailman so the mailing list messages are DMARC compliant. This has the effect of appending the original poster's email address to any existing 'Reply-To' header for some members. Please see Mailing Lists Changes for a full explanation.

Discussion of new, additional points on the subject is on-topic for most LinuxChix lists. Discussion of the existing points in relation to LinuxChix lists is welcome on the open-topic mailing lists, but not specific-topic lists. (It's on-topic for technical lists if you're asking about it for your lists.)