jobposts list guidelines

The jobposts list is where job advertisements are sent. This allows people looking for Linux and computer specialists to advertises jobs to the LinuxChix community without sending advertisements to our main lists. The only mails accepted for this list are job advertisements and announcements about changes to the list itself: no discussion is allowed.

Guidelines for jobposts readers

If you're a jobposts subscriber you should keep in mind the following:

Guidelines for jobposts advertisers

Please note that we do not accept "job wanted" postings, we only accept advertisements for jobs, not for people who want jobs.

Who may post ads

Advertisements may be posted by any one of:

Contents of ad

Please make sure your mail follows these guidelines. Advertisements not following them may be rejected.

How to post an ad

Simply email your advertisement to

Please write your email directly for the readers, as we pass it directly to them. There is no need to include any "hi, can you please approve this" or "I would like to post this ad" text, as it is difficult for us to remove it before sending the ad on.

You will receive a message saying that your mail is held for moderation. This is normal. When your message is approved it will appear in the archives.

Contacting the jobposts moderators

If you have any questions about jobposts, please email the moderators at