One of the activities of LinuxChix is to run online courses on a variety of subjects. Courses are run on the Courses mailing list; subscribe to that list to participate. New courses may also make use of our Moodle setup on

Some courses are held using Moodle, at, where we also have a selection of archived courses.
Others are held on the courses mailing list; subscribe to that list to join an ongoing course.

Current courses

C for Absolute Beginners, run on the courses mailing list, starting on Sunday Feb 5, 2012.

Starting a new course

Any linuxchix member is welcome to run a course. Courses can be as long or as short as you want, but you might want to check out the archived courses to get an idea of what's been run in the past. That doesn't mean you can't do something different, but it does give you an idea of what's worked before.

Typically, the first thing to do is to determine if there's enough interest by asking on the mailing lists. Either the grrltalk mailing list is usually the best place to ask and discuss things before your course starts, since not as many people subscribe to the courses mailing list unless there's a course they want to take. If there's enough interest, send a message to the volunteers mailing list to make sure that the admins for the courses mailing list can set up a subject tag for your use, and the Moodle admins can set up a new course for you. Announce your new course to the announce mailing list and give people a few days to subscribe and/or familiarize themselves with Moodle, then start posting lessons and running your course!

Some hints: shorter lessons are easier for people to fit into their spare time, so try to make at least your first few lessons fairly short. And if you want feedback and/or discussion, don't be afraid to ask for it!

A sampling of past Courses

Beginning Programming in Python
Akkana Peck
Spineful Living
Carla Schroder
Akkana Peck
Tools for Participating in Free Software
Mary Gardiner
Linux Commands
Carla Schroder
Devdas Bhagat
C programming
Mary Gardiner
Isabelle Hurbain
Kernel Hacking
Val Henson and Sonja Krause-Harder
Programming Basics
Sonja Krause-Harder and Karen Hall
Raven Alder and Katie Bechtold
Basic Networking
Unix File Systems
Meredydd Luff
Dan Richter
Using PostgreSQL
Michelle Murrain

See all archived courses.

Using PostgreSQL

This course is a course in the use of the database management system, Postgresql. Although much less popular than its cousin, MySQL, it is, in fact, more robust, more powerful, and often faster. We'll cover installation, server administration, command-line client use, as well as connections via web and ODBC and other topics.

This course is designed for people who are beginner to medium on database management systems, but are fairly comfortable with the command line, and feel comfortable installing and configuring software.

Advanced MySQL users who just want to get a feeling for Postgresql are welcome, as well, but there are definitely weeks you'll want to skip (like the weeks reviewing SQL, for instance.)

The course will start on November 19th, with lessons and exercises posted at the beginning of the week.

Subscribe to the courses list to join (topic [Postgresql]) if you aren't already on it:

Also, there will be a moodle page: