Website credits

These pages list the website credits for Please see About LinuxChix for more information about LinuxChix and Who runs LinuxChix for more about its volunteers.

Web page maintainence

Front Page: position open
Chapters Katie Bechtold
Courses Course managers
Website Reviews: Jacqueline McNally
LinuxChix Live: Laylaa
Who runs LinuxChix: the Tres Chix and its volunteers
General: Valorie Zimmerman, Michelle Murrain, Akkana Peck

Website leads

The current heads of the website ( and subpages) are:


The head of webpage content is Akkana Peck.

She is responsible for deciding what webpages we need or want. She is responsible for ensuring that the website volunteers keep the website up-to-date and usable.


Brenda Wallace and Angela Byron are responsible for technical management of the website. They maintain and and update the Drupal installation, and are the people who help website volunteers with technical problems.


You can contact the website leads and volunteers by using the contact form and choosing the Website Feedback category.

LinuxChix logo


The current logo used on our webpages is called "Robotux" and was designed by Colin Adams at the request of Val Henson. It is licensed for use under the CC Attribution Share-alike license.

Present and past LinuxChix logos are intended only for use promoting LinuxChix (for instance, at conferences and other LinuxChix related events, or on t-shirts). If you intend to use the logo or need a high-resolution version of it, please ask first, using the contact form.

LinuxChix volunteers can access the high resolution versions of Robotux and past LinuxChix logo files here.

Web page design and building

Original 1999 website

Deb Richardson

Zope website (2001–2007)

Jenn and Dancer Vesperman

2006 new website design

  • Specifications, information architecture review: Chris and Amy
  • Design prototypes: Chris and Terri Oda
  • Initial prototype: Jen-Mei Wu and Gloria W

2007 Drupal

  • Content: Laylaa, Mary Gardiner, Michelle Murrain, Valorie Zimmerman, Akkana Peck, Morten 'Doc' Nielsen, Katie Bechtold
  • CSS Ninja: Laylaa, based upon open source template from Syndicateme with help from Kathryn Hogg and Akkana Peck
  • Drupal: Angela Byron and Brenda Wallace
  • Mailing lists integration: Brenda Wallace
  • Moodle: Penny Leach
  • Moodle+Drupal single sign on: Brenda Wallace and Penny Leach
  • QA Tester: Cristina Radulescu
  • Sysadmin: Mary Gardiner, Dancer Vesperman and Joh Clarke