LinuxChix France

LinuxChix est une communauté internationale basée sur le volontariat, proposant des listes de diffusion et des ressources variées ayant trait à Linux ou à d'autres logiciels libres. L'organisation a pour but de promouvoir l'accueil et l'intégration des femmes dans la communauté du libre, quelle que soit leur expérience ou leur connaissance de l'informatique. Les ressources proposées par LinuxChix France sont accessibles à tous. Les hommes peuvent aussi s'inscrire aux listes de diffusion et sur le site web s'ils partagent les intérêts de LinuxChix France.

Notre site web :
Contact : zopeuse at

Linuxchix is an international, volunteer-based community which provides mailing lists and resources related to Linux and other non-proprietary software. It is intended to provide a welcoming environment for women, no matter what their experience or skill with computers.The LinuxChix France mailing lists and resources are open to everyone. Men can subscribe to our mailing lists if they are sympathetic to the concerns of LinuxChix France.

Our website :
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LinuxChix Italy


The Italian LinuxChix Chapter is a fresh project inspired by the activity of a local LUG that is now trying to grow up and get its own personality.

We are a group of people who basically want to encourage girls to know, appreciate and use free software, and also be helpful in learning and improving computer skills.


We need to meet, talk and choose our modus operandi. We hope there will be a large number of women interested in this project and we want be open to the contribution of everyone.

We have now four main ways to communicate:


Lili is a Linux user and a GULP member since 2003. You can mail her at liliweb at yahoo dot it.

There are also some more volunteers and we hope we'll soon be able to mention them all.

If you want to join this community you're very welcome. You can bring your knowledge, experience and support or you can simply let us know that you are there :) Send Lili a mail or, better, subscribe to the mailing list, and you'll get news and information from the project.


Contact: Kristina Jareckaite (Kristina's web site)
E-mail: or

Currently, we're planning several events and there've been ideas about new projects as well, so in near time we might get a little more active ;] The chapter homesite is just about to be available by the address above. If you have any questions, remarks, or suggestions, feel free to mail us, and of course anybody from Lithuania who feels like joining the chapter is highly welcome.

London, England

Contact: Sarah Lemari
Mailing List:

We may be a quiet bunch, but we're around on our mailing list, and anyone interested in organising more regular meetings is encouraged to either contact Sarah or mention ideas on our mailing list.

Even if you don't live near London, you may want to subscribe to the mailing list as we may well try and organise something somewhere if other British chapters don't emerge. In the meantime, meetings are usually in Central London, zone 1 somewhere. See you there!


IRC: #linuxchix@IRCNet
Contact: Anna Warzecha (

We invite everyone interested in Linux to join us and make the community grow.