North America



Contact: Terri Oda (terri AT
Homepage: n/a

The Ottawa chapter of Linuxchix is currently not meeting. If anyone is interested in joining or organizing a gathering, contact Terri Oda (terri AT for details on joining the mailing list.

Ottawa LinuxChix may also be interested in the local user group, OCLUG.


Contact: Stacey Worrall

We are a group of females that like to get together for coffee or drinks and talk. We have a variety of interests and experience within Linux. We are currently meeting every second month. We have a web page started at It's not finished but we have newsletters and working at getting some tutorials posted. We welcome anyone that would like to come out or if anyone has any questions.

Sherbrooke, Québec

Contact: Simon Valiquette
Temporary Homepage:

LinuxChix Sherbrooke is a forming French-Speaking chapter, which is also considered as a special interest group inside of the GULUS.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Web site: [seems to be abandoned to spammers]

United States

Colorado Springs, Colorado

(Organizing as of November 2006.)

Annie is interested in getting together a group in the Colorado Springs area. If you're interested please contact her.

Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas

Contact: Desiree Jenkins


Mailing list:

This chapter is currently under construction, but come join us on the mailing list.

Denver, Colorado

Contact: Adaora Onyia

(Organizing as of February 2007.)

Adaora would like to re-activate the Denver chapter. If you're interested, please e-mail her.

Los Angeles, California

Contact: sharon(remove)

The Los Angeles Area LinuxChix chapter was formed in 2002. We welcome women from Los Angeles and environs. We may meet in Pasadena, downtown LA, or Santa Monica, depending on the whims of our members. Check our web-page, or email us to find out when we are meeting next.

Madison, Wisconsin

Web site:

Contact: Jade "Katneko" Valentine

Mission Statement: Madison's LC chapter believes in making freely available the knowledge and resources needed to expand our minds and the minds of others. Our mission is to educate ourselves in interesting technology, while introducing the less fortunate and digitally-deprived to free and available technology solutions to suit their situation. Please check our website for more information, scheduled LC meetings (which will include interesting tech talks), and current community outreach projects involving technology.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Contact: Elizabeth Bevilacqua

Silicon Valley, California

Contact: Akkana Peck
Homepage: The anti-chapter has an anti-website.
Mailing List: Anti-chapter

The Silicon Valley LinuxChix Anti-Chapter meets when it feels like it, although we always post an announcement a week or so ahead of time on the Anti-chapter mailing list, and sometimes also to the LinuxChix announce list.

We're the anti-chapter because none of our members will admit to having the time to be a chapter head, or to organize monthly meetings.

Past meetings have been parties at members' houses, or dinner all together at a restaurant (usually vegetarian). Someday we'd like to go visit museums together or play the TCP/IP Drinking Game at a bar.

If you're a LinuxChick visiting the area, we usually have a party or go out to dinner so we can all meet you and say hi. Email one of the anti-chapter's contacts, or the anti-chapter mailing list, and we'll arrange it for you.

Washington, District of Columbia

Contact: Katie
Mailing list: DC Linuxchix List

The Washington DC LinuxChix chapter is here for any Linux enthusiast in the greater DC area. Please contact me at the address shown above if you're interested, and we'll figure out a meeting place that will be as convenient as possible regarding location and number of people. Having regular meetings once per month would be great, but of course all of this will depend on all of us. Veteran geeks, aspiring newbies, and all in between are welcome to get involved, so please get in touch.