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Computing careers

This course is now over, unless a new maintainer is found.


The computing careers course is a series of posts by LinuxChix who are working or have worked in computing about their career path.

"Lessons" in this course are more like stories or career histories. The aim of the course is to tell lots of different stories which will be useful to other Chix wondering how they can break into or advance in computing careers.


January 2005

  1. My career: programming/research by Mary
  2. My career: webmaster by Webmaster Story
  3. From 'I must have a job' to 'I must have a wonderful job' by Karine Proot
  4. My Career by Jo Harris, UK!!! by Jo Harris
  5. Computer Security career path by Elwing
  6. Carla the Country Geek by Carla Schroder

February 2005

  1. Artificial intelligence researcher by Terri Oda
  2. My mid-life career change to software by Julie B
  3. My operations path by Chix Career
  4. My career: Technology Editor by Lori MacVittie
  5. Jenn Vesperman by Jenn Vesperman
  6. Hack of All Trades by Akkana Peck
  7. Almut's meanderings among electronics, psychology and programming by Almut
  8. Diverse Hats by Poppy Casper
  9. Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes... by Michelle Murrain
  10. Maria finds academia by Maria McKinley

March 2005

  1. Jacinta Richardson by Jacinta Richardson
  2. Rachel McConnell by Rachel McConnell
  3. Caitlyn Martin by Caitlyn Martin
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