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LinuxChix Security Lessons

The LinuxChix Security course is conducted "live" on the courses list, but if you can't or won't join the list, or joined in the middle of the course, you can read the lessons here on the web.

The useful netstat
Linux security resources
Terms and definitions
Nmap -- looking from the outside in
Firewall theory - general
Raw sockets
Firewall theory - FTP and connection tracking
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
Firewalls: Ipchains syntax and implementation
Telsa's tips on securing RedHat
Reading Raven's Mind, Part II -- IPtables on a Home Network
Crypto Scientists Crack Prime Problem
A Field Guide to Algorithms

The "I" in the lessons is Raven, and the "we" is everyone following the lessons. The web versions of the LinuxChix Security Lessons are created and maintained by Katie.

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