GNOME's Women's Summer Outreach Program 2006

The GNOME Foundation is sponsoring three women students to hack on projects for GNOME for two months in return for a stipend of USD3000, Summer of Code-style. Applications to be one of the students are open immediately and close on July 1 2006.

LinuxChix now on faster hosting

The LinuxChix web and mail servers are now on new, faster hosting courtesy of Intel and OSU Open Source Lab. We owe a huge debt to Jenn and Dancer Vesperman for hosting LinuxChix out of their own pockets for the last five years. Three cheers for the old and new hosting providers!

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing: scholarships available

The sixth annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing,
with the theme "Making Waves", will be held in in San Diego, California, USA on October 4-7, 2006.

While paper submissions have now closed, it is still possible to be awarded a scholarship to attend the event. Scholarships will cover travel, most meals and airfare up to US$2500. Partial scholarships are also available.

LinuxChix website redesign competition

The LinuxChix redesign competition is now open: only glory will accrue to winners, sadly. We are aiming to make the site more accessible, standards compliant and attractive. See the
for details.

LinuxChix redesign

As we move to faster dedicated hosting, we are intending to take advantage of the greater resources and use the opportunity to redesign and move it into a more powerful content management system. We are looking for volunteers to help with this. If you are interested, please read the full announcement and subscribe to the actionchix list.

Ubuntu Women

In January a new Ubuntu Women group promoting women's involvement in the Ubuntu distribution joined the growing set of groups supporting women Free Software developers and contributors. A group of mentors is assembling to work with interested women Ubuntu developers.

Faster email

Thanks to Kathryn Hogg, who has provided a mail relay for LinuxChix mail, list mail will now be delivered much faster, probably within seconds of it arriving at the servers, rather than hours or days later. Previously, mail was throttled due to bandwidth limitations.

Faster hosting for LinuxChix on the way

Thanks to some offers of sponsorship now being discussed on the volunteers list, LinuxChix will likely be moving to faster web hosting shortly. If you're interested in helping redesign the website or help move it into a different CMS, likely Plone, then you should offer on the volunteers list.

LinuxChix moved to slower hosting

The LinuxChix site and email delivery has moved to slower hosting due to a change in one of the maintainer's employment situation. This means, in particular, that list email delivery will be very slow as outgoing mail from the server is heavily throttled.

People who have significant amounts of bandwidth to spare and who could act as either a mail delivery smarthost or a reverse web proxy might want to discuss possible solutions on the volunteers list.

Ruby course

Laurel Fan is starting a Ruby course on the courses list. Further information is in her announcement.

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