LinuxChix redesign

As we move to faster dedicated hosting, we are intending to take advantage of the greater resources and use the opportunity to redesign and move it into a more powerful content management system. We are looking for volunteers to help with this. If you are interested, please read the full announcement and subscribe to the actionchix list.

Ubuntu Women

In January a new Ubuntu Women group promoting women's involvement in the Ubuntu distribution joined the growing set of groups supporting women Free Software developers and contributors. A group of mentors is assembling to work with interested women Ubuntu developers.

Faster email

Thanks to Kathryn Hogg, who has provided a mail relay for LinuxChix mail, list mail will now be delivered much faster, probably within seconds of it arriving at the servers, rather than hours or days later. Previously, mail was throttled due to bandwidth limitations.

Faster hosting for LinuxChix on the way

Thanks to some offers of sponsorship now being discussed on the volunteers list, LinuxChix will likely be moving to faster web hosting shortly. If you're interested in helping redesign the website or help move it into a different CMS, likely Plone, then you should offer on the volunteers list.

LinuxChix moved to slower hosting

The LinuxChix site and email delivery has moved to slower hosting due to a change in one of the maintainer's employment situation. This means, in particular, that list email delivery will be very slow as outgoing mail from the server is heavily throttled.

People who have significant amounts of bandwidth to spare and who could act as either a mail delivery smarthost or a reverse web proxy might want to discuss possible solutions on the volunteers list.

Ruby course

Laurel Fan is starting a Ruby course on the courses list. Further information is in her announcement.

New course: Tools for participating in Free Software

A new course is about to start on the courses list: tools for participating in Free Software. The first part of the course will briefly cover tools like bug trackers and mailing lists, and the second part will cover version control. See the announcement and the course webpage for more information.

Software Freedom Day

September 10th 2005 is the second annual Software Freedom Day, a global activism day for grassroots efforts to educate the public about Free and Open Source software. You can see if anything is happening in your area by visiting the SFD teams listing.

Women interested in getting involved in Free and Open Source communities and development may be particularly interested in the SFD activities being run by women's groups:

New website section: LinuxChix for researchers

I've created a new section of the LinuxChix site: LinuxChix for researchers. It has two aims: to help researchers working on "women in Free Software" and related topics, and to help us help them by getting them to work with existing research rather than attempting to create it from scratch. (Linux chix have been asked to take part in a number of very similar surveys over the years).

Does anyone have any entries for the bibliography?

LinuxChix DNS outage

LinuxChix had a DNS outage for about 12 hours ending at about 0800 UTC on June 2, which would have meant that anyone trying to connect to any "" server would have gotten a "host not found" error or similar. It's been fixed now, but allow a little bit of leeway in the next few hours in case timeout magic attacks us. If there are any further problems after that, please notify the IRC channel or the volunteers list.

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