New course: GIMP for beginners

A new course is about to start on the courses list: "GIMP for beginners".

This course will be aimed primarily at first-time GIMP users, users who have used GIMP a little, and those who have used other image editing tools (such as xv or paintshop pro) but aren't sure how that knowledge translates to GIMP. However, anyone is welcome to take the course, and GIMP experts are welcome to hang around and offer advice and corrections.

New course: Computing careers

Another course is about to start on the courses list: a series of posts describing computing careers. Each one will be from a different LinuxChix working in computing, and will describe their career path. The idea is that you can use these posts to see all the different roles and paths people have pursued in computing careers.

The course also needs contributors willing to post about their own career path.

New list: actionchix

Our new list actionchix is the place to go if you want to harness the energy of LinuxChix in projects in addition to discussion. See the announcement for a sketch of the kind of projects members of actionchix might take on.

The list is publicly archived and open subscription. Like every other LinuxChix list except grrls-only, males are welcome to join, and all list members will as usual be asked to be polite and be helpful.

Funding Opportunity - Supporting Women in Technology

I've been in touch with a woman called Stacy Gildenston. She's an expert in getting funding for worthwhile projects, and her current projects involve supporting women in technology. All she needs is access to a pool of technical women who want to support women in technology.

And guess what we are?

Please read her letter about her projects, and my introduction to it.

LinuxChix writing

I'm aggregating LinuxChix writing at Think of it as a one-stop-shop for weblogs/journals by LinuxChix.

I can add anyone with an RSS (XML format for announcing website changes) format feed of their page. If you're not writing online, consider it a good place to catch up with lots of LinuxChix.

Conferences II

Another conference giving us freebies and cheapies:

As an IT professional organization, COMDEX would like to invite Linux Chix to attend COMDEX this year, with a complimentary pass for all of your members.

In addition COMDEX would like to extend a special discount of $100 off all educational programs to your membership base, available until October 23.

The show will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center, beginning November 16 through November 20. Complete event information can be found at

List policy: Please whitelist linuxchix mail

A quick note for people who are using "you cannot send me mail unless you are whitelisted" spam filters: if you subscribe to the linuxchix lists, you must whitelist the lists yourself. The admins will not reply to any "please jump through these hoops to be whitelisted" mails. Such messages will be treated as bounces, and if we get enough of them, we will unsubscribe you, like any other bouncing address.

New course: UNIX filesystem

Meredydd is starting a UNIX filesystem course on the courses mailing list. It will cover the UNIX filesystem, its structure, how it works, and the cool things which can be done with it.

People can select the topics (courses in our case) that they wish to subscribe to by modifying their subscription options.

New course: Networking

Hamster is starting a basic networking course on the courses list.

People can select the 'topics' (courses in our case) that they wish to subscribe to by modifying their subscription options.

Mt Stromlo Observatory

The astronomical observatory at Mt Stromlo in Canberra was destroyed by fire, on Saturday 18th January 2003. The media release is at

Many of you are interested in astronomy or in science in general. Many of you who I've talked to are as upset about this as I am. So I thought I'd let you know about it.

The observatory's home page is

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