C course collaboration wiki

Sonja has created a wiki for people interested in developing C course materials to develop material on. The wiki is located at http://www.foogirl.de/C/.

Wikis are collaborative, universally editable webpages. This wiki will be used to draft tutorials and materials for teaching the C programming language.

LinuxChix on dialup!

Our hosts have had to move offices, and because of a series of problems, we are currently sharing a dialup connection with them. Given that we're getting free connectivity, we'd like to be a minimal load. Please keep LinuxChix email to a minimum during this quasi-downtime - right now, we're getting mail faster than we can deliver it.

I'm sorry about this problem. It will hopefully be resolved in a few days, but may be as much as two weeks.


New list: Programming

We have a new mailing list: programming@linuxchix.org, dedicated to programming topics of any kind, paradigm or language, at any level. Looking for a fellow coder, a bugfix, a design? This list is designed for any of these. Join at http://mailman.linuxchix.org/mailman/listinfo/programming.

New course: Running a Business

Carla is running a new course on the courses mailing list, on running your own business.

New course: LaTeX

Isabelle is running a new course on the courses mailing list, on the LaTeX markup language. The LaTeX course's homepage is http://www.isabelle-hurbain.com/repository/latex/courses.

Chix at Conferences

A new section of the site is devoted to organising LinuxChix meetings at conferences. Visit Chix at Conferences to register a conference you are attending, or to find other Chix attending that conference.

Python course starting.

A Python course is starting on the courses list on the 1st July. Python is a multi-platform scripting and programming language suitable for beginners. There will be no schedule, the speed of the course will be determined by the participants.

C courses restarting.

The C course formerly running on the courses list is restarting as a discussion of topics in C, by learners and by helpers! See this post to courses for more details, and join the courses mailing list to be a part of it.

List archives rebuilt.

The list archives are finally all on the one server -- for a long time, the LinuxChix list archives have been spread across three hosts. Many thanks to Terri for her work on this, it's been on everyone's 'to do, later' list for ages.


A volunteers list for EuroChix, which will be a web community for European LinuxChix, has begun. You can subscribe using the web interface if you want information or are interested in helping out.

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