New LinuxChix Coordinators

The election results are in! Congratulations to the new coordinators, the Tres Chix:

* Sulamita Garcia
* Akkana Peck
* Carla Schroder

You can read the full announcement on the mailing lists.

Voting is open for LinuxChix Coordinators!

Voting is open now through 5 August 2007 at 12 noon UK time (BST) for new "Tres Chix" LinuxChix coordinators.

See the mailing list announcements for more details on Election Procedure & Timetable or for Statements from Candidates.

Mary Gardiner resigns from coordinator role

The general membership of Linuxchix was saddened today by the news that Linuxchix coordinator, Mary Gardiner, resigned from her post as coordinator.

Mary is a popular, long-time contributor to Linuxchix, and we are all going to miss her leadership very much. We hope that she will continue to contribute her considerable talents to the group.

Mary has many achievements to show for her short tenure: a Website overhaul, development of a skilled and expanded sysadmin team, and a large number of new volunteers serving in various roles.

We wish Mary the very best.

Kernel IRC chat, June 12 2007, 12:01am (0001) UTC

Welcome! Please come join us for a LinuxChix "The Guru is In" chat on IRC. The topic is "Everything you ever wanted to know about kernel development but were afraid to ask," featuring long-time kernel developer Valerie Henson.

This is your chance to ask questions about kernel development and related topics and get polite helpful answers immediately. Want to know why coding style is such a big deal? How people get into kernel development? If drivers are really that hard to write? If Rusty Russell is as funny in real life as he is online?

Report from the State of the 'Chix chat, May 28

Mary Gardiner, LinuxChix coordinator, reporting!

I held the first State of the 'Chix coordinator chat on our IRC channel (#linuxchix on on May 28 at 1000 UTC. The idea was to informally give the community a chance to chat about ideas for the community.

State of the 'chix: coordinator chat 0900 UTC, May 28

The LinuxChix coordinator, Mary Gardiner, is planning to begin IRC chats with the LinuxChix community approximately fortnightly. Each chat will last for an hour. The idea of the chats is to just for everyone to be able to talk about the LinuxChix community: who is doing what, what we've achieved recently, what we'd like to achieve in the near future. There will be no formal agenda.

The first such chat will be held in the IRC channel #linuxchix on the server The chat will be held from 0900 UTC on May 28 for an hour. (Please keep in mind that this is still Sunday in a very few locations!) To find out your local time, please see the conversions.

Dallas-Fort Worth chapter forming

A regional chapter of LinuxChix is forming in Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas, USA). If you're interested in joining, see the chapter listing for information.

Spineful Living course running on the courses list

Carla Schroder has been running a course called "Spineful Living" since the end of March. (The title she really wanted for this course was "how not to be a doormat but instead a confident person who gets what she wants and doesn't waste half her life kicking herself for being a spineless wuss.")

This course is open to everyone. You can check out existing posts in the archives and sign up for the mailing list here. Lessons will run approximately one per week for however long it remains useful and interesting.

Launch of new website

For about the past year, volunteers inside LinuxChix have been working very hard to bring us a new website, with a new design and new management features.

The new website launched today, and you're looking at it!

Thank you very much to the team behind it all.

New Coordinator

Mary Gardiner has been chosen as the new Linuxchix Coordinator. Please make her welcome. Mary has some great ideas for Linuxchix, and has the experience and energy to make them happen.

The other nominees were Terri Oda and Noirin Plunkett, please congratulate them on their nomination and their near miss - it was a difficult choice and a close poll.

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