Dallas-Fort Worth chapter forming

A regional chapter of LinuxChix is forming in Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas, USA). If you're interested in joining, see the chapter listing for information.

Spineful Living course running on the courses list

Carla Schroder has been running a course called "Spineful Living" since the end of March. (The title she really wanted for this course was "how not to be a doormat but instead a confident person who gets what she wants and doesn't waste half her life kicking herself for being a spineless wuss.")

This course is open to everyone. You can check out existing posts in the archives and sign up for the mailing list here. Lessons will run approximately one per week for however long it remains useful and interesting.

Launch of new www.linuxchix.org website

For about the past year, volunteers inside LinuxChix have been working very hard to bring us a new www.linuxchix.org website, with a new design and new management features.

The new website launched today, and you're looking at it!

Thank you very much to the team behind it all.

New Coordinator

Mary Gardiner has been chosen as the new Linuxchix Coordinator. Please make her welcome. Mary has some great ideas for Linuxchix, and has the experience and energy to make them happen.

The other nominees were Terri Oda and Noirin Plunkett, please congratulate them on their nomination and their near miss - it was a difficult choice and a close poll.

Summer of Code application help

If you are a female student thinking of applying to Google Summer of Code, but not sure what to do, who to approach, which project to pick or what would work in your application, join the LinuxChix grrltalk list: we're trying to get students to talk to women involved in the projects and hopefully help them with their application or choice of project.

Looking for new LinuxChix coordinator

After more than 5 years of service as LinuxChix Coordinator, Jenn Vesperman is ready to pass on this position to a new person. For details on how to nominate someone for coordinator, see the post on the announce mailing list:


We are waiting 24 hours to start the discussion to let everyone interested join the relevant mailing list.

Women in Open Source miniconf @ SCALE

The Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) will host a Women in Open Source Event as part of their upcoming 2007 conference, SCALE 5x.

The Women in Open Source event will be held on February 9, 2007 at the Los Angeles Airport Westin Hotel.


A new women in technology group has formed: Wikichix. Founded in response to discussions of systemic gender bias in Wikipedia and the inability of a number of women to contribute to those discussions, WikiChix is a wiki and mailing list for female wiki editors to discuss issues of gender bias in wikis, to promote wikis to potential female editors, and for general discussion of wikis in a friendly female-only environment.

linuxchix.org outage Dec 1

There was a relatively short DNS outage at around 18:00 GMT Friday December 1, lasting for several hours. During this time, you would have received name errors trying to connect to any linuxchix.org site, and mail would have been delayed.

This error has now been fixed. Mail delivery should continue and delayed mail will arrive over the next few hours; please do not resend mails to linuxchix.org addresses unless you receive a bounce saying there was a permanent error.

Short linuxchix.org downtime expected Tues Nov 14 (USA time)

The server that hosts linuxchix.org will be down for approximately 30 minutes on Tuesday, USA time, due to a relocation.

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