LinuxChix admins

Who takes care of our various sysadmin duties? What are those duties, anyway? Who ya gonna call when things go wrong? This page attempts to keep track of that.

Server admin

If the server just plain isn't answering, DNS goes bad, the disk fills up, etc. These people have login access. Other jobs that require admin access: editing the mailing list archives, adding or viewing mail aliases, upgrading software, changing Drupal CSS (?).

  • Terri
  • Maria
  • Sharrow
  • Charlotte (Aeris)
  • Brenda (apache/postgres stuff only)
  • Michelle
  • Gayathri
  • Akkana

Mailman admin

The site-wide password for mailman. Add people as admins for specific lists, add new lists or remove/rename existing ones or change Mailman configuration.

  • Terri (who is also a mailman developer)
  • Valorie
  • Pig

(Clytie is also a mailman developer but isn't a LinuxChix mailman admin.)

IRC server admin

Ban people from the server, restart the server, or change server parameters.

  • Maria
  • Sharrow

IRC channel ops

Lots of people have ops on specific channels, like #linuxchix.

Drupal admin

Change Drupal parameters, edit users' permissions, or create special content beyond what normal content editors can create.
(And by the way, what categories of content require this level of access?)

  • Brenda
  • Sharrow
  • Penny
  • Akkana
  • Michelle
  • Gayathri

Site CSS

Fix problems in the website's CSS (this may take sysadmin login permission).

  • Brenda
  • Sharrow

Moodle admin

Fix Moodle problems.

  • Penny
  • Brenda

Add content in Drupal

Lots of people can add content in Drupal: anyone with "Content Admin" privs in Drupal.

To get the list of all Content Admin users, go to Administer->User Management->Users and limit it to Role of Content Admin.

The current list is: gayathri, Carla, Noirin, Terri, RobynManning, kjh, akkana, katie, Lili, valoriez, lilandra, joh, pearlbear, webchick.

Add or change feeds in under Drupal

I think people with Drupal admin access can do this -- anyone else?

  • lilandra

Mail aliases

Only people with server access can read or change these. We need to know what they are and who's on them. So far, we know about:

coordinator, coordinators
Sulamita, Akkana, Carla
Akkana, Brenda, Chris Madrone, Katie, Kathryn, lilandra, Angela Byron, Michelle Murrain, Penelope Leach, Robyn M, Gloria W, Terri (admin), Valorie (admin)
goes to the sysadmins (pl) list

Contact form recipients

We have several contact form categories, which go to different addresses. To see the latest list, Administer->Site Building->Contact Form. The current list is:

Chapter inquiries:
General inquiries:
Media inquiries:
Submit news item:
Website feedback:

Mailing list admins

Admins for specific mailing lists -- take care of spam, approve postings, etc.
##Carla is curious how many of these are still active- I see a number of unfamiliar names

linda at, terri at, valorie.zimmerman at

listpig at, terri at, linda at, michelle at

sujita at, terri at, valorie.zimmerman at, betjohns at

Courses (anyone on this list can also add new course topics)
suzo at, lists at, terri at, laylaa+linuxchix at, amk.sorsa at, michelle at

terri at, valorie.zimmerman at, linda at, chris.madrone at

lists at, terri at, valorie.zimmerman at, linda at, wynke at, michelle at

buffarama at, rmanning at, scumparty at, terri at

terri at, svaksha at, shuying at, clytie at, valorie.zimmerman at, michelle at

jenn at, dancer at, karen at, terri at, sujita at

terri at, hb1921 at, svaksha at, valorie.zimmerman at, tanja.pislar at, johnston at, juliesloan at, suzo at, plunkett at

meredydd.luff at, terri at, joulie at, juliesloan at, lists at

rmanning at, listpig at, terri at, rudy at, linda at, wynke at

terri at, wynke at, megan at, valorie.zimmerman at, betjohns at