LinuxChix coordinators

LinuxChix has three lead volunteers, known as the Tres Chix.

The Tres Chix are the lead LinuxChix volunteers, the authorities that approve (or don't) new projects under the LinuxChix banner, and the ones who lay down the law when contentious issues come up. They are also ultimately the people responsible for screwups and problems. They are elected by popular vote among the LinuxChix community.

The coordinators can be contacted at

The current coordinators from August 2007 onwards are Sulamita Garcia, Akkana Peck, and Carla Schroder.

Past coordinators

The past LinuxChix coordinators were:

  • Deb Richardson, LinuxChix founder, 1999–2001
  • Jenn Vesperman, May 2001–March 2007
  • Mary Gardiner, April 2007-June 2007