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steampunktendencies: X-Fingers

Teri Solow - Fri, 2015-05-15 17:00







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Of file modes, umasks and fmasks, and mounting FAT devices

Akkana Peck - Fri, 2015-05-15 16:27

I have a bunch of devices that use VFAT filesystems. MP3 players, camera SD cards, SD cards in my Android tablet. I mount them through /etc/fstab, and the files always look executable, so when I ls -f them, they all have asterisks after their names. I don't generally execute files on these devices; I'd prefer the files to have a mode that doesn't make them look executable.

I'd like the files to be mode 644 (or 0644 in most programming languages, since it's an octal, or base 8, number). 644 in binary is 110 100 100, or as the Unix ls command puts it, rw-r--r--.

There's a directive, fmask, that you can put in fstab entries to control the mode of files when the device is mounted. (Here's Wikipedia's long umask article.) But how do you get from the mode you want the files to be, 644, to the mask?

The mask (which corresponds to the umask command) represent the bits you don't want to have set. So, for instance, if you don't want the world-execute bit (1) set, you'd put 1 in the mask. If you don't want the world-write bit (2) set, as you likely don't, put 2 in the mask. So that's already a clue that I'm going to want the rightmost byte to be 3: I don't want files mounted from my MP3 player to be either world writable or executable.

But I also don't want to have to puzzle out the details of all nine bits every time I set an fmask. Isn't there some way I can take the mode I want the files to be -- 644 -- and turn them into the mask I'd need to put in /etc/fstab or set as a umask?

Fortunately, there is. It seemed like it ought to be straightforward, but it took a little fiddling to get it into a one-line command I can type. I made it a shell function in my .zshrc: # What's the complement of a number, e.g. the fmask in fstab to get # a given file mode for vfat files? Sample usage: invertmask 755 invertmask() { python -c "print '0%o' % (~(0777 & 0$1) & 0777)" }

This takes whatever argument I give to it -- $1 -- and takes only the three rightmost bytes from it, (0777 & 0$1). It takes the bitwise NOT of that, ~. But the result of that is a negative number, and we only want the three rightmost bytes of the result, (result) & 0777, expressed as an octal number -- which we can do in python by printing it as %o. Whew!

Here's a shorter, cleaner looking alias that does the same thing, though it's not as clear about what it's doing: invertmask1() { python -c "print '0%o' % (0777 - 0$1)" }

So now, for my MP3 player I can put this in /etc/fstab: UUID=0000-009E /mp3 vfat user,noauto,exec,fmask=133,shortname=lower 0 0

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futuristmm: When cybernetics, synthetics, and human...

Teri Solow - Fri, 2015-05-15 15:00


When cybernetics, synthetics, and human consciousness converge. 

Gross and beautiful and reminiscent of Videodrome 

Long live the new flesh

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edwardspoonhands: sarahexplosions: i’m not over this shot, and...

Teri Solow - Fri, 2015-05-15 05:00



i’m not over this shot, and i don’t think i’m going to be over it for a very long time.

because everyone’s seen this shot.  Superman pull open his shirt to reveal the not-S.  i’ve seen it a thousand times, it’s kind of iconic.

but not everyone’s seen a woman do it.  and it matters to me to see a woman tear away her civilian clothes so she can protect people.

i’m getting a tv show about a girl who can fly.

The thing that gets me is that every other time I’ve ever seen a woman rip her shirt off, it has been in some way about the woman as the object of beauty and desire. This is very clearly and intentionally not that. It would have been very easy to make it some mix of badass and hot, but instead this is just badass.

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albotas: The First Ninja Turtle Gets a Figure From MondoIt’s an...

Teri Solow - Fri, 2015-05-15 03:00


The First Ninja Turtle Gets a Figure From Mondo

It’s an odd idea, but it makes sense — Mondo is honoring the history of the Ninja Turtles by making a figure based on the very first illustration of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

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emilyvgordon: There’s a chapter about this in my book...

Teri Solow - Fri, 2015-05-15 01:00


There’s a chapter about this in my book called “How to Make Emotions Your Bitch”. Preorder it now! 

This picture succinctly describes my last relationship.

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wilwheaton: madlori:the-physics-obsession:Love this man. This...

Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-05-14 23:00




Love this man.

This is some powerful-ass life advice.

Powerful ass advice is best advice.

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Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-05-14 21:00

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Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-05-14 19:00

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Yarn of the Month Club review, April 2015

Terri - Thu, 2015-05-14 16:04
This is crossposted from Curiousity.ca, my personal maker blog. If you want to link to this post, please use the original link since the formatting there is usually better.

This is my third yarn of the month club envelope, which is significant because I only paid for 3 months up-front and promised myself I’d make a decision thereafter. Only two samples once again, but I liked them!

The samples for April 2015:

Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015

Pattern: Spring Showers Hood

Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015

This is a cute little pattern that I’m tempted to make just to see if I’d use it. I’m not much for cowls, but I like hats, so maybe? No author given, no reference to it in ravelry, so I guess it’s just a YOTM special.


Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015


“This is a great blend. The merino gives it bounce and the yak adds just a little haze.”

6.25 sts/inch on US 3-4

85% Merino Wool 15% Yak

153 yds Color: 13

I love this yarn. Soft but shows off the stitch pattern nicely. I’ve definitely pet yak-blend yarns before, since J has a particular fondness for Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ YAKSI Fingering in Tardis Blue, but I hadn’t knit anything with yak in it myself. This was definitely a treat!

Look at it, even before it was blocked:

Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015

I liked this stitch motif for the swatch, which makes a nice zigzaggy cable across the top of each rib. It’s nice and stretchy, but a little more solid than a regular rib because of the teensy zig-zag cables. I may have to find a way to use this in a pattern!

And here it is blocked:

Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015

Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015

I wouldn’t mind picking up some more of this, and I’m definitely interested in trying some more yak blends now, even if they are pricey!


Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015


“Soft and strong cotton”

5.5 sts/inch on US 6

100% Printed Cotton

262 yds Color: 207 Monet

This is a really nice soft cotton. Not fuzzy the way the yak yarn is, but easy to bend and knit. It tends to unwind a bit; the loose twist that helps with the softness doesn’t do you favours in the “staying together” department, but I think the balance in that tradeoff was ok.

What I don’t like about this yarn is the way the colourway looks when it’s knit up. It looks ok in the ball. Interesting, at least. But put it together into a stitch pattern and it seriously makes this look like a grimy paint rag:

Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015

Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015

I’m not a huge fan of the “bluebell rib” swatch pattern provided, as it once again looks like a bunch of nostrils to me, and I think I probably should have flipped my yarn overs so that both holes worked out to be the same size, but I decided to just run with it rather than re-knit.

I don’t think this colourway does any favours the bluebell rib, unless you figure providing camouflage so you can’t see stacks of noses in photo is good. It’s a bit easier to see the shapes in person than in the blocked photos below, but it’s still not great.

Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015

Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015

I think I actually like the reverse side better in this case! But I did enjoy the yarn even if I think the colourway is too much and the stitch pattern is too nasal. I would consider buying this in another colour if I had a project that could use a soft cotton.


Even though there were only two samples this month, these two were both really fun yarns to try out and they weren’t very much like other yarns I already have, so I’m pretty pleased! I definitely feel like I got more bang for my buck than last month.

So in the end, I’ve decided to continue the subscription. It’s $9.25/month for a fun little surprise in the mail, and I’m not having trouble making sure I knit the samples every month at least so far. I was worried these might pile up with all the travel I do, but in practice I really like having quick knit projects when I want a break from my bigger works in progress, or as a palette cleanser while I decide what to work on next. It’s actually kind of changed my attitude towards swatching, too, since I can just add my other swatches into the pile I’m building up from yarn of the month samples.

All my samples are going to make one *very* strange blanket, though.

Yarn of the Month Club, April 2015

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prostheticknowledge: transcranial / embodied cognitionTech Art...

Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-05-14 05:00


transcranial / embodied cognition

Tech Art performance project from Klaus Obermaier, Kyle McDonald and Daito Manabe deconstructs the visible body parts of dancers into an alternative collage of movement:

Scientists use electromagnetic pulses to create glitches on brain activity by altering neuronal currents. Such glitches may cause temporary failures that can be represented by disassembling the body. As if this would be malfunctioning or out of control. Mind expression through body and body expression through mind.
Transcranial explores these expressions of mind and body in an interactive performance where technology and human being
play the embodied mind.

More Here

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Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-05-14 03:00


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qualtum: I’d so live in this city.

Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-05-14 01:00


I’d so live in this city.

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Teri Solow - Wed, 2015-05-13 21:00

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Teri Solow - Wed, 2015-05-13 17:00

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nierfenhimer: I love my screensaver at work and get compliments...

Teri Solow - Wed, 2015-05-13 15:00


I love my screensaver at work and get compliments on it constantly…

But I’m always afraid of it getting hacked. deus-ex-archive deusex

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