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OSCON 2015

Elizabeth Krumbach - Sat, 2015-07-25 00:27

Following the Community Leadership Summit (CLS), which I wrote about wrote about here, I spent a couple of days at OSCON.

Monday kicked off by attending Jono Bacon’s Community leadership workshop. I attended one of these a couple years ago, so it was really interesting to see how his advice has evolved with the change in tooling and progress that communities in tech and beyond has changed. I took a lot of notes, but everything I wanted to say here has been summarized by others in a series of great posts on opensource.com:

…hopefully no one else went to Powell’s to pick up the recommended books, I cleared them out of a couple of them.

That afternoon Jono joined David Planella of the Community Team at Canonical and Michael Hall, Laura Czajkowski and I of the Ubuntu Community Council to look through our CLS notes and come up with some talking points to discuss with the rest of the Ubuntu community regarding everything from in person events (stronger centralized support of regional Ubucons needed?) to learning what inspires people about the active Ubuntu phone community and how we can make them feel more included in the broader community (and helping them become leaders!). There was also some interesting discussion around the Open Source projects managed by Canonical and expectations for community members with regard to where they can get involved. There are some projects where part time, community contributors are wanted and welcome, and others where it’s simply not realistic due to a variety of factors, from the desire for in-person collaboration (a lot of design and UI stuff) to the new projects with an exceptionally fast pace of development that makes it harder for part time contributors (right now I’m thinking anything related to Snappy). There are improvements that Canonical can make so that even these projects are more welcoming, but adjusting expectations about where contributions are most needed and wanted would be valuable to me. I’m looking forward to discussing these topics and more with the broader Ubuntu community.

Laura, David, Michael, Lyz

Monday night we invited members of the Oregon LoCo out and had an Out of Towners Dinner at Altabira City Tavern, the restaurant on top of the Hotel Eastlund where several of us were staying. Unfortunately the local Kubuntu folks had already cleared out of town for Akademy in Spain, but we were able to meet up with long-time Ubuntu member Dan Trevino, who used to be part of the Florida LoCo with Michael, and who I last saw at Google I/O last year. I enjoyed great food and company.

I wasn’t speaking at OSCON this year, so I attended with an Expo pass and after an amazing breakfast at Mother’s Bistro in downtown Portland with Laura, David and Michael (…and another quick stop at Powell’s), I spent Tuesday afternoon hanging out with various friends who were also attending OSCON. When 5PM rolled around the actual expo hall itself opened, and surprised me with how massive and expensive some of the company booths had become. My last OSCON was in 2013 and I don’t remember the expo hall being quite so extravagant. We’ve sure come a long way.

Still, my favorite part of the expo hall is always the non-profit/open source project/organization area where the more grass-roots tables are. I was able to chat with several people who are really passionate about what they do. As a former Linux Users Group organizer and someone who still does a lot of open source work for free as a hobby, these are my people.

Wednesday was my last morning at OSCON. I did another walk around the expo hall and chatted with several people. I also went by the HP booth and got a picture of myself… with myself. I remain very happy that HP continues to support my career in a way that allows me to work on really interesting open source infrastructure stuff and to travel the world to tell people about it.

My flight took me home Wednesday afternoon and with that my OSCON adventure for 2015 came to a close!

More OSCON and general Portland photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157656192137302

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femfreq: (via GIPHY)

Teri Solow - Fri, 2015-07-24 22:00


(via GIPHY)

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Teri Solow - Fri, 2015-07-24 19:00

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vanilkaplays: Just some C-Sec architecture…

Teri Solow - Fri, 2015-07-24 16:00

The Guardians of the Big White Box... No, seriously, what is that? What is its purpose? I know this is some sort of traffic department but still...


Just some C-Sec architecture…

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mandelable: crypticcripple: cripples-r-us-swag: crypticcripple: Medical debt is sort of funny...

Teri Solow - Fri, 2015-07-24 04:00





Medical debt is sort of funny

Like what they gonna do? Repossess my health?

I never had it to begin with, you silly debtors

A few fun facts! All of this I learned after being near death and spending a week in critical care in a hospital that didn’t offer any sort of charity assistance and I was uninsured.

(Some do, so if you think you’re f’d, check to see if they offer anything first.)

First of all: while dealing with a terrible kidney infection, a 104 fever that had been going for a week, and who knows what else, a nice lady from their finance department came to me with some paperwork to sign. Luckily I was so out of it (I had even spelled my name wrong when I first checked in because I was so out of it) that I said I couldn’t (which was true).

I later learned what she was asking me to sign was some sort of a “lien” which would have given them all the rights to come after me and re-posses any property I had later to make up for the debt.

So, whatever you do when you’re sick, if you don’t understand something do NOT sign it.

Since then I got calls for a few years from a debt collector, I never talked to them, said I wasn’t available, whatever. Eventually they stopped calling.

I owe a hospital about $700,000 for having the audacity to have a kidney infection and an autoimmune disease which were trying to kill me simultaneously.

That was probably 5 years ago. From what everyone has told me, it can’t effect my credit. Medical debt can not effect your credit. Also, now that I’m no longer being harassed by those debt collectors, I never hear from anyone.

To me in the end, I learned to simply walk away from it, and I won, as far as I can tell.

I know the OP was making a joke, but I thought I’d put out some info in case anyone out there has the unfortunate luck to get critically sick in the US without insurance, because seriously it’s really fucking expensive.

Important info because my snarky butt is uneducated

Also, when I was eleven, my dad had a heart attack. We thought it was heat stroke, so we waited a day to take him to the hospital. We didn’t have good insurance, but eventually it was clear that he really needed to go to the hospital. The local hospital didn’t have the right people there to do anything about it apparently, so they sent him in a helicopter to the nearest big city and gave him angioplasty to dislodge the clot that they found in his artery.

Unfortunately, the procedure dislodged the clot, only for it to flow farther into his heart and cause a massive second heart attack that left him on life support. My mom overheard some nurses talking about how he had no chance of recovering brain faculties, and would be a vegetable for the rest of his life if they could keep him on respirators. This was odd, because a few doctors cornered my mom later to convince her that they could put in an artificial heart that would save my dad. All she had to do was sign on the dotted line.

If she signed, they would own our house as well as everything inside, because our house alone wasn’t worth the artificial heart. So my family had a discussion on whether it would be better to let my dad die, and have a place to live, or to save my dad, maybe just physically, and be completely homeless with an invalid to take care of.

I, tiny eleven year old me, prayed to god that my dad would just die before my mom had to make that decision, and guess what? He did. He died on the machines that very night, and I have felt guilty ever since.

My dad did have a sizable life insurance policy, but that went entirely to pay for the helicopter and surgeons bills. 

Now, everyone in my family is basically of the opinion that if you’re sick enough that you’re going to die in the hospital, you might as well just stay home and die.

Welcome to America.

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"Take care of yourselves, watch the people around you carefully, and cordon off the ones who are..."

Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-07-23 22:00
“Take care of yourselves, watch the people around you carefully, and cordon off the ones who are toxic, so that the universe can decontaminate them for you through exposure and death.”


Warren Ellis

This is always very good advice (I’ve written some version of it myself at various times), but it’s especially poignant for me to read it from Warren, now, because I’ve just had to remove a profoundly toxic, dishonest, manipulative, bad, bad, bad person from my life. You’d think it would be easy, but it wasn’t.

So, speaking from experience: it’s not your fault that a toxic person fooled you, even if they fooled you for years. It’s not your fault, and while it is entirely expected that you go through the normal grieving process that is associated with any loss, try not to spend any time blaming yourself for not seeing all the things that you can see now in hindsight much sooner than you did.

Take care of yourself, as Warren says.

(via wilwheaton)

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wilwheaton: uatjonc: the best show on television tbh I’m late...

Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-07-23 19:00



the best show on television tbh

I’m late to the party, but I can’t stop watching this show.

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I'm loving Akademy!

Valorie Zimmerman 2 - Thu, 2015-07-23 17:20
And it hasn't even started. Scarlett and I flew to A Coruña arriving Tuesday, and spent yesterday seeing the town. Today is all about preparing for the e.V. AGM and the Akademy talks and BoFs following. 

Wish you were here!

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Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-07-23 16:00

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"There are very few unspoken rules among major-party candidates for president, and Bernie Sanders is..."

Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-07-23 04:00
“There are very few unspoken rules among major-party candidates for president, and Bernie Sanders is breaking one of them. He’s saying that America’s leaders shouldn’t worry so much about economic growth if that growth serves to enrich only the wealthiest Americans.
“Our economic goals have to be redistributing a significant amount of [wealth] back from the top 1 percent,” Sanders said in a recent interview, even if that redistribution slows the economy overall.
“Unchecked growth – especially when 99 percent of all new income goes to the top 1 percent – is absurd,” he said. “Where we’ve got to move is not growth for the sake of growth, but we’ve got to move to a society that provides a high quality of life for all of our people. In other words, if people have health care as a right, as do the people of every other major country, then there’s less worry about growth. If people have educational opportunity and their kids can go to college and they have child care, then there’s less worry about growth for the sake of growth.””


The thing Bernie Sanders says about inequality that no other candidate will touch.

So, no surprise here: Bernie Sanders is my choice for president, and things like this are a big reason why.

(via wilwheaton)


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Enough! Open your eyes and look at the big picture! We can’t...

Teri Solow - Thu, 2015-07-23 01:51

Enough! Open your eyes and look at the big picture! We can’t dance to the tune of corrupt politicians and capitalists! Don’t you understand?! It’s pointless to fight anymore!
Akira (1988) dir. Katsuhiro Ôtomo
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fuckyeahcyber-punk: Static Sky

Teri Solow - Wed, 2015-07-22 20:43


Static Sky

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fuckyeahcyber-punk: Satellite Reign

Teri Solow - Wed, 2015-07-22 18:09


Satellite Reign

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ronald45inchina: Tower (II). Please do not remove credits if...

Teri Solow - Wed, 2015-07-22 15:34


Tower (II).

 Please do not remove credits if you want to reblog this post.Thank you.


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fuckyeahcyber-punk: Trevor Storey

Teri Solow - Wed, 2015-07-22 04:26


Trevor Storey

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Teri Solow - Tue, 2015-07-21 23:17

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Teri Solow - Tue, 2015-07-21 20:42

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