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Be the one you love. (Taken with instagram)

Teri Solow - Wed, 2011-06-15 02:40

Be the one you love. (Taken with instagram)

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Transmissions from 2011-06-13

Teri Solow - Tue, 2011-06-14 12:50
  • ZOMG z-index < 0 == forms disabled. NOW I KNOW. #
  • I can't believe I spent so much time on such a stupid bug. Guess I should have dinner now that I've finally sorted that out. #
  • Bull Terriers are the ugly cars of the dog world, I guess? Love em or hate them? They look kinda like capybaras, and everyone loves them. #
  • @caseorganic The idea people WANTING ads is completely foreign to me. Personally, I'd prefer irrelevant ads as they are easier to ignore. in reply to caseorganic #
  • Photo: Sounds like you want it to be ten years ago… (@rbuels) http://tumblr.com/xp72zg087n #
  • Photo: › Mario We Are All Very Concerned About You http://tumblr.com/xp72zivqbq #
  • Listening to people talk about flame retardant materials forever bonded to the human genome. Smirking. (@rbuels) #
  • @rbuels EVERY HUMAN FOREVER FLAME RETARDS in reply to rbuels #
  • OH: "My NEXT house I would like to be out in the country. The biggest house I can afford. OF COURSE." #dailydeathtoamerica #
  • @mkuklis I wish they kept score. I would have gotten so many achievements! in reply to mkuklis #
  • Apparently some Mac users actually believe the 'Cloud' is just one computer center somewhere. People: this is not true: http://xkcd.com/908/ #
  • The mean age of the people in this Mac User Group is probably about 55. They are mostly bitching with Guy Kawasaki about kids these days. #
  • Twitter? How the fuck does that shit work? It's a fucking miracle. #
  • @ahockley I can't be arsed to dig through that shit site for pictures. What's the mean age there? 75? in reply to ahockley #
  • @ahockley We're surrounded by fucking miracles. Everywhere you look! Twitter, yahoo, electricity… in reply to ahockley #
  • I see someone biking on Burnside and 39th at night, with no headlights or reflectors, and I wonder: do they want to die? #
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Mario We Are All Very Concerned About You

Teri Solow - Mon, 2011-06-13 22:40

Mario We Are All Very Concerned About You

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3liza: Your daily Death to America is that I just had to debunk Lamarckian genetic theory to a…

Teri Solow - Mon, 2011-06-13 21:10


Your daily Death to America is that I just had to debunk Lamarckian genetic theory to a group of educated American adults. Fuck this gay earth.

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Sounds like you want it to be ten years ago… (@rbuels)

Teri Solow - Mon, 2011-06-13 20:05

Sounds like you want it to be ten years ago… (@rbuels)

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Transmissions from 2011-06-12

Teri Solow - Mon, 2011-06-13 05:50
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it8bit: A huge Mario videogame character on a wall in Paris,…

Teri Solow - Sun, 2011-06-12 21:21


A huge Mario videogame character on a wall in Paris, France.

Photography by Perry Tak

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2010 in review!

Jessica - Fri, 2010-12-31 12:15

I wish I had done this for past years, but I guess there’s no better time than the present to start!

Movies I saw in the theatre: Shutter Island, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3, Inception, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, The Social Network, Tangled, Tron: Legacy 3D, Black Swan
Movie that made me cry the most: Toy Story 3
Favorite movie of the year: Black Swan
Still want to catch in the theatre: I Love You Phillip Morris, Blue Valentine
Waiting for Netflix: Love and Other Drugs, The Kids are All Right, Nowhere Boy, Paranormal Activity 2, Let Me In

CDs I received/bought this year: She & Him - Volume 2
Concerts I attended: Julian Casablancas, Imogen Heap, She & Him
Favorite live performance of the year: Imogen Heap, although She & Him are very, very close behind

Places I visited this year: Las Vegas, Gatlinburg, Atlanta

Games I received/bought this year: Final Fantasy XIII, Just Dance 2
Games I beat this year: Dragon Age: Origins
Older games that I tried to pick up again this year: Lost Odyssey, The Sims 3
Favorite console game of the year: Dragon Age: Origins
Favorite iPhone game of the year: Angry Birds

New local restaurants I tried this year: Bosco’s, Sweet Cece’s, Allium, McDougal’s, Grilled Cheese and Crab Cake Co., Chuy’s, Pizza Perfect, Diana’s, Pfunky Griddle, Five Guys, Swanky’s Taco Shop, Cafe Coco, Rita’s
Favorite new eatery of the year: Sweet Cece’s
Coolest new dining experience: Pfunky Griddle
Current food-related mayorships on foursquare: Cheeseburger Charley’s, Chick-fil-A, Little Caesar’s, Manny’s House of Pizza [recently lost SATCO and another Little Caesar's...]
Number of times I ate at Melting Pot: four

Biggest local news event of the year: the flood!
Where I was when the rains came: at the Sheraton Music City, attending MTAC

Clearly the theme for 2010 was “dinner and a movie”! Any other categories you can think of?

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