Linux Networking Cookbook

Carla is an experienced System Administrator and a good technical writer. She was one of the early Linuxchix, and has spent years mentoring and otherwise helping new and experienced Linux folk through their assorted dilemmas. The result is a friendly and direct, information-packed and ego-free writing style. Unlike the typical how-to that provides a list of steps that have worked for the author, Carla's discussions fill in the blanks and tell you why she takes the steps that she does.

An African bid to educate women on IT

An African bid to educate women on IT (Hindustan Times)
Date: 13 April, 2007

LinuxChix Africa - a women's-only computer initiative by an African group - hopes to empower the fairer sex in matters of technology and software.

LinuxChix announces new leader

LinuxChix announces new leader (
Date: 9th April, 2007
Spotted by: Mary Gardiner

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