The People Who Support Linux: Linux Skills Land Job for This Linux Lady

Deborah Wazir says Linux helped her land her current job.

She says she was first introduced to Linux in the late 90s in the form of a Knoppix Live CD that she glanced at and put away. Ten years later a recruiter refused to submit her resume for a position because it didn't specifically say she had Linux experience (even though she had 20+ years of Unix experience).

Deborah decided it was time to learn more. I bought some Linux-based magazines with Live CD's of various distro's, bought a book on Ubuntu, borrowed an old laptop from my son, downloaded VMWare and Red Hat, and just started installing the OS. It was a lot of fun!

Once I had done enough work at home and become comfortable with installing and working with RHEL and Ubuntu, I added Linux experience to my resume. I was careful not to overstate my skill level, both on my resume and in interviews. But the work I had done on my own, combined with past proven success with quickly coming up to speed with new technologies, definitely made it possible for me to get my current job.