Web page design and building

Original 1999 website

Deb Richardson

Zope website (2001–2007)

Jenn and Dancer Vesperman

2006 new website design

  • Specifications, information architecture review: Chris and Amy
  • Design prototypes: Chris and Terri Oda
  • Initial prototype: Jen-Mei Wu and Gloria W

2007 Drupal

  • Content: Laylaa, Mary Gardiner, Michelle Murrain, Valorie Zimmerman, Akkana Peck, Morten 'Doc' Nielsen, Katie Bechtold
  • CSS Ninja: Laylaa, based upon open source template from Syndicateme with help from Kathryn Hogg and Akkana Peck
  • Drupal: Angela Byron and Brenda Wallace
  • Mailing lists integration: Brenda Wallace
  • Moodle: Penny Leach
  • Moodle+Drupal single sign on: Brenda Wallace and Penny Leach
  • QA Tester: Cristina Radulescu
  • Sysadmin: Mary Gardiner, Dancer Vesperman and Joh Clarke