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Are Women Leaving the Tech Industry in Droves?

Sue Gardner, the former executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, says yes, and offers her insight in her Op-Ed piece in the LA Times, Why women are leaving the tech industry in droves.

Why Do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?

That's the title of a TED talk given by Dame Stephanie Shirley. Billed as the "most successful tech entrepreneur you never heard of", Dame Shirley started a software house in England in 1962. Her talk is educational, inspiring and humorous and well worth the 14 minutes you'll spend.

A short Ideas piece, How Dame Stephanie Shirley Upended Tech World Sexism in the 1960s is worth the read and contains a video of a December 2013 TED talk by Megan Smith on women in tech history. Remarkable!

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