Why Do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?

That's the title of a TED talk given by Dame Stephanie Shirley. Billed as the "most successful tech entrepreneur you never heard of", Dame Shirley started a software house in England in 1962. Her talk is educational, inspiring and humorous and well worth the 14 minutes you'll spend.

A short Ideas piece, How Dame Stephanie Shirley Upended Tech World Sexism in the 1960s is worth the read and contains a video of a December 2013 TED talk by Megan Smith on women in tech history. Remarkable!

Our Terri Oda's whimisical slide deck hits the news stands!

Our fellow LinuxChix, Terri Oda made a mischievous slide set explaining why biological differences has nothing to do with mathematical ability and in turn does not account for the genders account for the low numbers of women in software! Scroll and read more here: http://www.fastcolabs.com/3008216/tracking/minding-gap-how-your-company-...

Congratulations to Terri!

Computing skills boot camp in Boston June 24-25

On June 24-25, 2013, Software Carpentry will run a computing skills
boot camp in Boston for women in science, engineering, and medicine.
With three rooms and six instructors, it will be one of the biggest
events we've ever done. This boot camp is open to women at all stages
of their research careers, from graduate students, post-docs, and
faculty to staff scientists at hospitals and in the public and private
sectors. Registration is only $20; to sign up, or find out more,
please visit the registration page at

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