C course collaboration wiki

Sonja has created a wiki for people interested in developing C course materials to develop material on. The wiki is located at http://www.foogirl.de/C/.

Wikis are collaborative, universally editable webpages. This wiki will be used to draft tutorials and materials for teaching the C programming language.

LinuxChix on dialup!

Our hosts have had to move offices, and because of a series of problems, we are currently sharing a dialup connection with them. Given that we're getting free connectivity, we'd like to be a minimal load. Please keep LinuxChix email to a minimum during this quasi-downtime - right now, we're getting mail faster than we can deliver it.

I'm sorry about this problem. It will hopefully be resolved in a few days, but may be as much as two weeks.


New list: Programming

We have a new mailing list: programming@linuxchix.org, dedicated to programming topics of any kind, paradigm or language, at any level. Looking for a fellow coder, a bugfix, a design? This list is designed for any of these. Join at http://mailman.linuxchix.org/mailman/listinfo/programming.

New course: Running a Business

Carla is running a new course on the courses mailing list, on running your own business.

New course: LaTeX

Isabelle is running a new course on the courses mailing list, on the LaTeX markup language. The LaTeX course's homepage is http://www.isabelle-hurbain.com/repository/latex/courses.

Chix at Conferences

A new section of the site is devoted to organising LinuxChix meetings at conferences. Visit Chix at Conferences to register a conference you are attending, or to find other Chix attending that conference.

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