Women in Open Source/Free Software bibliography

This list is intended to be a complete bibliography of published research findings on female participation in Open Source or Free Software (note: not on female participation in IT, technical careers or computing in general). Please send bibliographic information suitable for citation (and links to online copies where available) through our contact form.

Please note that this list is restricted to publications by third parties (as in, you must have submitted the article or talk somewhere and had it chosen for publication) rather than self-published articles, because the latter list is too long.



Press articles


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  • Danese Cooper et al, Women in Open Source, panel discussion at OSCON 2005, 5th August 2005.
  • Danese Cooper et al, Women in Open Source: Challenges and Opportunities [PDF notes no longer available], panel discussion at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, 7th October 2004.